Naso Labial Folds

Naso Labial Folds (Nose to mouth lines)

This is the crease that runs from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth. We all have these and some naso fold should always be visible. We are not a fan of filling this so much you get the “monkey mouth” look. Small subtle amounts of dermal filler placed along the fold can soften the depth of the crease and give a more youthful appearance. As we age the fat pads and skin begins to sag meaning that we will all experience some areas becoming “heavier” with time. When done correctly dermal fillers can add structure back where it has been lost. Some people may have one fold that is deeper than another, for example you may sleep on one side causing this to worsen. We can balance this using dermal filler.

Lip Enhancements

We would use cannula here, meaning there is little to no discomfort whatsoever during the treatment. This also means you will experience minimal swelling and there is a very minimal chance of bruising. But we advise to have the treatment a couple of weeks before any social event as it can take time to settle.

This will last around 12months on average but this does vary and cannot be guaranteed. Like all dermal fillers it is bio degradable and different internal and external factors will affect the longevity.