Russian Lips

Russian Lips

The style “Russian Lips” is an advanced technique used to lift and pull the lip up, to appear bigger from the front, whilst staying flat. Meaning that from the side profile you wouldn’t see a plump lip. If you are a fan of that “pouty” full look that traditional lip filler can achieve this maybe isn’t for you.

If you already have dermal filler in the lips and this wasn’t done using this technique you may not get the full desired “Russian” style lip. We can only work with what is already there.

With Russian technique, although you are going in many more times with the needle its much less painful than signature lips to have done. In fact most people say they can hardly feel it.

Russian will cause more swelling than signature, and most people do bruise with this technique (but the results are worth it !) so please have this in mind when choosing a date.

With Russian you can actually change the natural lip shape whereas with signature you can only enhance what is already there.