Duration: 7 Day Course.

Not including weekends

Review of facial anatomy, including bonestructure, muscles, fat pads, and ligaments.

Instruction on assessing facial proportions,identifying areas of imbalance, and determining treatment goals.

Course Info

What’s Included?

  • Understanding the effects of aging andfacial changes on facial contours.
  • Techniques for jawline definition, chinprojection, and improving facial symmetry.
  • Instruction on using dermal fillers tosculpt the lower face and create a harmonious profile.
  • Addressing specific concerns, such as weakjawlines, double chins, or asymmetry.
  • Training on techniques for augmenting andenhancing the cheekbones to create a more defined and youthful appearance.
  • Understanding the anatomicalconsiderations and potential complications in these     areas.
  • We will provide live models to work on for practicalassessme

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